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Dear players,
on 22.9. 2023 at 15:00 has been started S6 RAGNAROK 3.

We bring you best experience playing MU online and unique PvP balance. Join us now and play with us!


Episode RAGNAROK is highly customized and optimized. Most of common bugs was fixes, a lot of new content was added. But core is still the good old season six.

Guild Profile
ClassCharacterGrand resetResetsLevel
Victorious GladiatorCOREYYY550800
Soul Eatergoshi550800
Victorious GladiatorGrizzleCZE550800
Primal PaladinKanibal550800
Martial MasterkucoRF550800
Cardinal ElfLeniska550800
Primal PaladinLeusus550800
Cardinal ElfLulu550800
Cardinal ElfmJi00550800
Primal PaladinMoppie550800
Soul EaterSkylar550800
Martial Masterunnamed550800
Cardinal ElfVejun550800
Lord EmperorEnvy545401
Dimension MasterKanibalka343712
Lord EmperorhoraCuRRy333799
Grand MasterLeon1326800
Fist MasterNeillRf325758
Blade MasterAvenger317800
Dimension MasterKatyusha249652