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Dear players,
on 22.9. 2023 at 15:00 has been started S6 RAGNAROK 3.

We bring you best experience playing MU online and unique PvP balance. Join us now and play with us!


Episode RAGNAROK is highly customized and optimized. Most of common bugs was fixes, a lot of new content was added. But core is still the good old season six.

Blood Castle
Every hour in half
0h 30m1h 30m2h 30m3h 30m4h 30m5h 30m
6h 30m7h 30m8h 30m9h 30m10h 30m11h 30m
12h 30m13h 30m14h 30m15h 30m16h 30m17h 30m
18h 30m19h 30m20h 30m21h 30m22h 30m23h 30m
Devil Square
Every hour
0h 00m1h 00m2h 00m3h 00m4h 00m5h 00m
6h 00m7h 00m8h 00m9h 00m10h 00m11h 00m
12h 00m13h 00m14h 00m15h 00m16h 00m17h 00m
18h 00m19h 00m20h 00m21h 00m22h 00m23h 00m
Illusion temple
15h 20m16h 20m17h 20m18h 20m
19h 20m20h 20m21h 20m22h 20m
Chaos Castle
1h 15min 5h 15min 9h 15min 13h 15min 17h 15min 21h 15min
Golden Invasion
2h 00min 6h 00min 10h 00min 14h 00min 18h 00min 22h 00min
White Wizard
0h 00min 4h 00min 8h 00min 12h 00min 16h 00min 20h 00min
Red Dragon Invasion
3h 30min 9h 30min 15h 30min 21h 30min
Castle Siege
Ne 18h 00min
20h 00min
Loren Deep
19h 00min
EXP event
14h 00min 19h 00min
1h 30min 7h 30min 13h 30min 19h 30min
RAID Infinite
1h 05min
(Boss xx:15)
7h 05min
(Boss xx:15)
13h 05min
(Boss xx:15)
19h 05min
(Boss xx:15)
4h 20min 10h 20min 16h 20min 22h 20min
Lord Silvester
0h 40min 6h 40min 12h 40min 18h 40min
Core Magriffy
5h 40min 11h 40min 17h 40min 23h 40min
1h 40min 7h 40min 13h 40min 19h 40min
Lord Ferea
4h 40min 10h 40min 16h 40min 22h 40min
God of Darkness
3h 40min 9h 40min 15h 40min 21h 40min
Zloděj šperků
0h 46min 3h 46min 6h 46min 9h 46min
12h 46min 15h 46min 18h 46min 21h 46min
Admin invasion
17h 23min
Moon King
0h 00min (1% chance)