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Dear players,
on 22.9. 2023 at 15:00 has been started S6 RAGNAROK 3.

We bring you best experience playing MU online and unique PvP balance. Join us now and play with us!


Episode RAGNAROK is highly customized and optimized. Most of common bugs was fixes, a lot of new content was added. But core is still the good old season six.

Guild Profile
ClassCharacterGrand resetResetsLevel
Cardinal ElfGizzy550800
Martial MasterKapustaBM550800
High ImperatorTwinHead550800
Cardinal ElfYing550800
Lord EmperorKillroy533695
Blade MasterRobo532769
High ElfDaineus531641
Lord EmperorMajkLE528800
Grand MasterGany518800
Grand MasterKikirikus41573
Dimension MasterMajda334778
Lord Emperorp0wer331800
High ElfJamaSutrak39675
Duel MasterHouzva31520
Duel MasterNIGSLOTER30401
Grand MasterWade5229800
Blade MasterMonsieur223701